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Wild Jordan Cafe is here to help you relax and enjoy your time after a long day at work.  We have a happy hour and stock a full bar with all of your favorite cocktails.  We also have an extensive wine collection and beer selection.  Our menu includes kosher meals as well as traditional cuisine.  So come and enjoy your time and dine with us.


We are located in downtown Amman Jordan.

Installing Hardwood and Vinyl Flooring 101  

It is a big job to install hardwood flooring, but it is a rewarding one. It takes know-how and the proper tools to complete the project. If you are not sure of the outcome, you might consider having an installer do the job for you. If you do intend to do it yourself, here are some factors to consider.


You will need quite a bit of equipment, and you will probably have to rent specialty equipment to install hardwood flooring for yourself. The two most important tools you will need to rent are a hardwood floor nailer and an air compressor. You will also need both a table saw and a miter saw. A well-functioning drill is essential, as are a hammer and a rubber mallet. A staple gun and a pair of pliers will help you do the job as well. Throw in a tape measure, pry bar, and utility knife, and you will be set for the installation.

Shaw Hardwood Floors
Decoria Flooring
Novalis Flooring

Making Allowances

One thing you cannot do with hardwood flooring is start in and keep going from one end to the other without a thought. There are certain things you have to make allowances for as you go. For example, you have to leave room for the floor to expand with moisture in the coming months and years. You also need to leave enough room to allow for the fact that the room might not be square. These adjustments should small enough to be covered by your trim-board, so they will not be an eyesore. Yet, they are important to the fit and durability of your floor.

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Starloc Vinyl Flooring


The boards of your hardwood flooring must be staggered so that there are 6 inches from the end of one board before the beginning of any board on an adjacent row. This makes installing the hardwood planks something like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle. Follow this rule if you want an attractive floor on completion.

Congoleum Flooring
Mannington Hardwood Flooring
Indusparquet Hardwood Flooring


Using a pneumatic nailer can be difficult if you have never done it before. Get instructions before you start to use it to put in your hardwood flooring. It is important to be careful, not only to avoid wasting hardwood planks, but also to keep yourself safe. Be sure to wear protective safety gear.

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Congoleum Endurance Plank
Artistek Vinyl Flooring 
Naturelle Vinyl Flooring

In the end, you will have to make the decision whether to install your flooring or hire a home remodeling company to do it for you. If you are confident you can do it, you will probably do well and enjoy the experience. On the other hand, a professional company can do a good job for you and save you a ton of work installing your hardwood flooring.

DuChateau Floors
Congoleum Duraceramic

When trying to install wood flooring always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. If you do not follow the installation instructions you may void your warranty.

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